16 June 2013

The One With Grinning Streak

June 13th - Show 448

In tonights show:

Workcentre Pro
Workcentre Pro (Photo credit: mag3737)
It's a hybrid show tonight...part normal show and part musical hodgepodge.  

Lee's running late as he takes temporary possession of a Xerox Workcenter 7232 (from Dave) so I kick off the show with a couple of tracks from the new Barenaked Ladies album, Grinning Streak.  

Lee joins us from Skype on his mobile phone which works better than expected and we have a chat about UW, Fiverr and stuff.  

Once he switches back to his PC (and we've done a bit of screen sharing, we end with (and rate) 4 mashups from mashstix.com...enjoy

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Snug Stats

Music This Show:
Barenaked Ladies - Limits (04:29)
Barenaked Ladies - Boomerang (02:36)
Barenaked Ladies - Odds Are (03:04)
Barenaked Ladies - Crawl (06:48)
Barenaked Ladies - Off His Head (04:12)
Fun. Vs. Village People - It's Fun To Be Young At The YMCA (03:09)
Robbie Wiliams Vs Kings Of Leo - Angels On Fire (04:27)
Rednex Vs Adele - Someone Like Cotton Eye Joe (02:56)
The Doobie Brothers Vs The Mar-Keys - Last Train Running (03:20)

Cover Version Sandwich:  Everybody's Talkin'

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See you then...have a Snuggly week.

This show is approx  1 hour 40 mins
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