23 May 2013

The One With Fruit

May 23rd - Show 445

In tonights show:

It's a fruity Maf's Musical Hodgepodge as we play you 16 tracks that have a fruit in the title.  It's a proper random assortment, from country to show tunes to indie...hopefully you'll hear something you've not heard before (for that is the reason to listen to a hodgepodge).

Common culinary fruits.
Common fruits. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Snug Stats

Music This Show:
Danny Kay - I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts (02:27)
Ari Hest - Cranberry Lake (2009) (02:55)
Blink 182 - Apple Shampoo (02:54)
Diana Krall - Peel Me A Grape (05:51)
Frank Sinatra - Tangerine (02:05)
Harry Chapin - 30,000 Lbs. Of Bananas (05:47)
Hawksley Workman - Pomegranate Daffodil (04:19)
Huey Lewis & the News - Pineapple Express (04:27)
Prince - Prince - Raspberry Beret (03:32)
Jake Owen - Apple Pie Moonshine (03:17)
Pistol Annies - Lemon Drop (02:42)
The Aquabats - Marshmallow Man (02:57)
Beach Boys - Blueberry Hill (03:04)
The Hush Sound - Sweet Tangerine (03:03)
Los Fabulosos Cadillacs - Strawberry Fields Forever (04:17)
Louis Prima - Yes! We Have No Bananas (03:03)

Cover Version Sandwich: None

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This show is approx  1 hour 10 mins
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