21 December 2012

The One That's Pre-Apocalypse

December 20th - Show 423

In tonights show:
English: A Christmas Tree at Home
A Christmas Tree (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It's the last show before the Mayan Apocalypse Christmas so we cover festive topics like the eating habits of an eighteen foot python...And hear Lee 'break' his PC

There's an hour and twenty minutes of good stuff but I wanted to take up the shownotes this week with a listener submitted
T'was The Snug Before Christmas, so without further ado, courtesy of @Elmo5242, here it is...

T'was the Snug before Christmas, and all 'cross the web,
Maf and Lee and the listeners soundly slept,
They'd rocked many times round the old Christmas tree,
and murdered some Slade with some HariKaraoke,
Tamara Sprung forth with her wonderful voice,
while Beth whispered swear words to all girls and boys.
Lil' Maf, cheeky scamp danced as happy as a mouse,
while Lee spoke of the bargains of the Utility Warehouse.
Late at night there came noises from down all the stairs,
and so everyone peeked to see who was there,
eating mince pies and swigging the Sherry,
and playing on Rock Band in front of the telly.
Was it dear Santa? Oh No don't be daft!
The man with rosy cheeks wasn't Saint Nick but Maf!
"Enough with this nonsense!" A shrill voice said.
"Here's your Four minute warning, now all get to bed!".
So slumber they do, and their hearts full of cheer.
Merry Christmas to all, and a Happy new year!

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Music This Show:
Maf And Lee - Blue Christmas
Maf And Lee - Baby It's Cold Outside
Elf Maf And Lee - Wonderful World
Maf - Please Come Home For Christmas
Maf And Lee - Bring Me Sunshine

Cover Version Sandwich -
Merry Christmas Everybody
Harikaraoke - See 'Music This  Show'

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This show is approx  1 hour 23 mins

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