3 August 2012

The One With Fiverr

August 2nd - Show 403

In tonights show:

The Olympics kicks us off this week and we have a chat about the opening Ceremony of London 2012.  But as Lee's not seen it, Maf give you his impressions then leaves the door open for a barrage of Lee's Olympic one-liners.
We also discuss our new favourite website Fiverr.  It's a place that lets anyone do almost anything for the fixed price of $5.  Which means we can get people to do some cool stuff, like this video here, for only just over £3.  We look at a number of potential new voiceover guys including Eric Saint John.
Maf tells you about his superhero weekend where he sees The Amazing Spider-man and  The Dark Knight Rises on 2 consecutive days and forks out around £70 in total. 

Also hear the shocking news that Maf has cheated on Lee and been to someone elses karaoke...will their relationship ever recover??

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Donovan - Sunshine Superman (04:39)
Spın̈al Tap - Big Bottom (03:39)

HariKaraoke - Don't Pay The Ferryman
Cover Version Sandwich - Cat's In The Cradle
Tamara Sings - Wonderwall

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This show is approx  2 hours 00 mins

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