22 October 2011

The One With A Maf Shortage

October 20th - Show 363

It's a 'ManCave' show:

But unfortunately it all went belly up when Maf's personal life intrudes in an unavoidable fashion.  Before that though, we do manage to get about an hours worth of chat. We order a pizza, discuss Man Vs Food (see video below) and a lot of other stuff.  Then, during Maf's ex-wife phone call, Lee holds the fort seamlessly with some tunes.  The last part of the show fills you in on what's been going on and Maf gets advice from Lynette, The Snug Lawyer!  (although there is a shortage of laughs to be had in this last part).  

Plus, much, much more.

Video Of The Week

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This show is approx  2 hours 30 mins

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