9 May 2011

The One With A 7th Birthday

May 5th - Show 340

In tonights show:

It's our birthday...so it's more of an experience than a show.  I'm sure I saw somone in the chatroom say 'I'm Confused?!' at least once.  Beer, coffee, whisky and harikaraoke flow with gay abandon for more than 2 hours (count your blessing we actually went on for 5 hours). 

With our Seven Deadly Sins theming, we have a brand new 14 track Backtrax, A gluttony themed Cover Version Sandwich, A vanity-ridden Tamara Sings and a Question Time with anthropomorphic embodiments of The Sins.  We even go for some nostalgia with repeat listens to some of our old Scopey Steve introductions.

Thanks to everybody that took part in this show, from the contributors to the new listeners that joined us live. We had a blast and we hope you did too

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Snug Stats
Music This Show:

No one kept track this show...If you've listened and kept track, please email us :)

Cover Version Sandwich - Fat Bottomed Girls
Tamara Sings - You're So Vain
HariKaraoke - Many and Numerous

Please join us next (and every) week
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See you then...have a Snuggly week.

This show is approx  2 hours and some mins
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