22 April 2011

The One With

April 21st - Show 338

In tonights show:

Stephen KingCover of Stephen KingMaf's been listening to the audio book of Stephen King's All Dark, No stars.  Excellent work as always Mr. King,  Satisfyingly dark.   He's also been buying business cards again...this time from moo.com who're currently doing 100 mini-cards for a tenner.
We also get an Ipad 2 update - as you heard last week, there's no convenient jailbreak at the moment so Maf has bitten the bullet and actually bought some apps...honestly!  It does mean that he's spent more time than he should playing Angry Birds Seasons - Easter

Lee gives us a Quitting Smoking update and although he's doing really well, he's not felt this ill for a long time...however, he is looking at a new car with the money he's saving.
Lees Next Car will be a leaser apparently
We make UW facebook friends during the show and Maf tells us about the friend he met at last nights UW Meeting (C.O.P.)

We also discuss THE TALK, as we find out Lee's Josh (11) is seeing Tasha (14)...Oh The Stress!!

A quick video of Regurgitator  

Our new UStream Channel

Plus, of course, much much more.

This weeks Snug Challenge is   A Kettle:

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Snug Stats
Music This Show:

Micky Green - The Song Formerly Known As
Kelly marie - Feels Like I'm In love
Lucky Uke - Final Countdown

Cover Version Sandwich - Blue Moon pt2
Tamara Sings - You Needed Me
HariKaraoke - Olivers Army

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This show is approx  2 hours 5 mins
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