8 January 2011

The One With Shocking Lyrics

January 6th - Show 323

In tonights show:
Lee's a little late tonight but makes it just as discussion turns to Victorian porn and days of yore.  Very much a coincidence he would have us believe.  Anyway, this comes about due to a request for a song for tonights show from Tamara.  Shave 'em dry from 1935.  Lets just say you don't want your kids listening to this show...at all.
There's some obligatory UW chat and a general catch up from the past couple of weeks.  Maf's also after an covers of Yazoos Only You for a future cover version sandwich

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Music This Show:

Joshua Radin - Only You
Lucille Bogan - Shave 'em Dry
Kate Rusby - Village Green Preservation Society

Cover Version Sandwich - Everything I Own
Tamara Sings - Rewind
HariKaraoke - The Longest Time

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This show is approx  1 hour 40 mins

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