13 August 2010

The One With Hyperbole

August 12th - Show 302

In tonights show:

More than 12 hours have passed since the show and I still feel stupid...I honestly have heard the correct pronunciation of the word 'hyperbole' (hi-purbully) before but that doesn't stop me from having a complete brain fart and making an idiot of myself in this episode.  I was this close to editing the whole show down to about 15 mins plus music in embarrassment...but I didn't.  Here it is in all its unedited glory.
The last 20 minutes of this 2+hr marathon is Utilities Warehouse stuff so we won't be over offended if you skip over it to your next podcast.  You will miss a very animated and excited Lee though.

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Carnivorous Caterpillars

Noel James

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Music This Show:

Flying Pickets - When Doves Cry
Dolapdere Big Gang - It's Raining Men
George Michael - One More Try

Cover Version Sandwich - Billie Jean
Tamara Sings - Cheers Theme
Harikaraoke:  Forever Live And Die

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This show is approx 2 Hours 19 mins

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