30 July 2010

The One With 299 Past Shows

July 29th - Show 300

In tonights show:

Tonight we discuss Lees 40th Birthday Party, Mafs really awesome weekend and the Prestatyn hotel with the smoke alarm wake up call!  Rhuddlan Castle is staffed by a Granny with Taser knowledge and there's been a cat attack.

Fluffy leaves us a Show 300 message

Lee wonders about child discipline  then we chat about amendments...American ones...to constitutions...I still don't know why

300 Trivia
The lowest recorded attendance at a World Cup game was 300, for Romania v. Peru in 1930.
The minimum cash value on the “Wheel of Fortune” is currently (U.S.) $300
A triangular number (sum of all integers from 1 to 24): 300 = 1+2+…+23+24.
The perfect score in a bowling game (for 12 consecutive strikes)

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Music This Show:

Tom Jones - Venus
Greazy Meal - FunkyTown

Okra All-Stars - Purple Rain

Cover Version Sandwich - Don't Fear The Reaper
Elf Maf And Lee - Peperami
Harikaraoke:  Bad Things

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