9 April 2010

Snug Music 2009

This is all the music played (in it's various forms) on The Snug during 2009

All the links connect to the Amazon MP3 store so please feel free to buy any tunes you liked
You'll be helping us out in a small way.   
(for Harikaraoke and Elf tunes, we've linked to the original songs)

Aha - The Sun Always Shines on TV Harikaraoke: - 4 Minute Warning
Alexander Rybak - FairyTale Harikaraoke: - Baby You're Out Of Time
Alexandra Burke - Bad Boys Harikaraoke: - Bad Things
Asleep At The Wheel - Jingle Bell Boogie Harikaraoke: - California Dreaming
Billy Idol - Dancing With Myself Harikaraoke: - Call Me Al
Bitter:Sweet - Get What I Want Harikaraoke: - C'est La Vie
Black eyed Peas - Got A Feeling Harikaraoke: - Don't Pay the Ferryman
Blue Rodeo - Lost Together Harikaraoke: - End Of The Line
Chinese Checkers - Rinky Dink Harikaraoke: - Fever
Chris Daughtry - What About Now Harikaraoke: - Hazard
Circus Contraption - Come To The Circus Harikaraoke: - Higher & Higher
Daniel Merriweather - Red Harikaraoke: - HipHopapotamus Vs Rhymenocerous
David Dundas - Jeans On Harikaraoke: - How Deep Is Your Love
Duck Sauce - Anyway Harikaraoke: - I Can't Smile Without You
Duran Duran - Rio Harikaraoke: - If I Never Sing Another Song
Eddie Grant - I Don't Wanna Dance Harikaraoke: - Killers - Human
Electric Jungle - Funky Funky Christmas Harikaraoke: - Las Vegas
Esquivel - La Mantilla Harikaraoke: - Let Me Be There
Esquivel - Perfidia Harikaraoke: - Live and Let Die
Everlast - Lonely Road Harikaraoke: - Love Really Hurts
Feeling Good Harikaraoke: - Moondance
Flight of The Conchords - Most Beautiful Girl Harikaraoke: - More Than A Feeling
Fratellis - Chelsea Dagger Harikaraoke: - more than enough
Henry Priestman - He's not good enough for you Harikaraoke: - Mr Blue Sky
Henry Priestman - You Don't Love Me No More Harikaraoke: - Much Too Young
Honey Honey Harikaraoke: - My Life
Jace Everett - Bad Things Harikaraoke: - Play That Funky Music
Jamiroqual - Radio Harikaraoke: - Poker Face
Jason Mraz - I'm Yours Harikaraoke: - Ring Of Fire
JLS - Beat Again Harikaraoke: - Shaddup Your Face
Joe McElderry - The Climb Harikaraoke: - Sky High
John Shuttleworth - Mary Had A Little Lamb Harikaraoke: - Stone In Love With You
Jonathan Coulton - Creepy Doll Harikaraoke: - The Love Boat
Jonathan Coulton - I'm your Moon Harikaraoke: - Video Killed The Radio Star
Jonathan Coulton - The Future Soon Harikaraoke: - Way Down
Joshua Kadison - Jessie Harikaraoke: - What Becomes Of The Brokenhearted
Journey - After All these years Harikaraoke: - Whatever gets you through
Kermit The Frog - Daydream Harikaraoke: - Whistle For The Choir
Killers - Human Harikaraoke: - Young Girl
King Harvest - Dancing In The Moonlight Harikaraoke: - You're All That Matters
Lancashire Hotpots - Chippy Tea
Lancashire Hotpots - He's turned Emo
Lancashire Hotpots - I met a Girl Elf Maf and Lee - Alice
Led Zepplin - D'yer Mak'er Elf Maf and Lee - All Out Of Love
Lilly Allen - It's not fair Elf Maf and Lee - Black Magic Woman
Madness - One Step Beyond Elf Maf and Lee - Common People
Matt Willis - Crash Elf Maf and Lee - Electric Dreams
Matthew Ebel - Everybody Needs a Robot Elf Maf and Lee - Valerie Cover
Michael Buble - I'll Be Home For Christmas Elf Maf and Lee - God Knows
Michael Jackson - Beat It Elf Maf and Lee - I Wanna Sex You Up
Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal Elf Maf and Lee - Keep On Loving You
Michael Jackson - Thriller Elf Maf and Lee - No Pleasing You
Milk Inc - Never Again Elf Maf and Lee - Pearl's A Singer
My Chemical Romance - Black Parade Elf Maf and Lee - Ring Of Fire
Naturally 7 - In The Air Tonight Elf Maf and Lee - That's Life
Owl City - Fireflies Elf Maf and Lee - The Wonder Of You
Paolo Nutini - Pencil Full Of Lead Elf Tamara - In My Life
Passion Pit - Cuddle Fuddle Tamara Sings: The Logical Song
Peter Andre - Behind Closed Doors
Pilot - January
Pixie Lott - Cry Me Out
Queen - Bring Back Leroy Brown
Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls
Ray Stevens - Bridget The Midget
REO Speedwagon - Can't fight this feeling
Rob Cornier - Titties Bare
Robbie Williams - You Know Me
Sax 'n Drawbars - Brazil
Take That - Hold Up A Light
Tanita Tikaram - Good Tradition
Temptations - My Girl
Tenpole Tudor - Swords of 1000 men
The Arrogant Worms - The Christmas Song
The Pogues - Dirty Old Town
The Who - Squeeze Box
There's No One As Irish As Barack Obama
Tom Jones - Never Fall In love
Tony Orlando - Candida
Vangelis - To The Unknown Man
Vinyl Kings - Your Turn To Shine
Weird Al Yankovic - Bob
Weird Al Yankovic - Canadian Idiot
Weird Al Yankovic - Do I Creep You Out
Weird Al Yankovic - Pretty Fly For A Rabbi
Weird Al Yankovic - White and Nerdy

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