20 August 2009

August 20th - Show 251

The One With Backache

In tonights show:

Yet another experiment as we run the show just from one machine (the Imac) this means you podcast listeners will be getting some editing for a change...

Maf's had an interview (but doesn't know how it went yet) and found these gems on Youtube
Canon on Guitar
Achmed the dead terrorist

T's Reddit this week involves an ink sac from a 150 million year old fossilised squid.

We complain about backache...it seems to be a common Snug issue

Plus a ton of other stuff

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Music This Show:
Behind Closed Doors - Peter Andre
Rinky Dink - Chinese Checkers

Harikaraoke: - Live & Let Die

Mafs weighs: 17st 0lbs

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This show is approx 1 Hours 30 mins

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