9 April 2009

April 9th - Show 232

The One with Giggles

In tonights show:

We're face to face in the New Snug towers which results in mayhem.  In the first hour we cover cling film undies, predictive testes and spray coffee all over the equipment

We learn all about dogging, and hear all about Mafs week of house painting.  Lees away this Easter weekend, find out why and where.

We invent a new TV channel - 30 year old retro channel - with gemini man etc.  listen in to find out the details.

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The Question of the Week:
We were going to ask you "what exactly do Predictive Testes do?" but we answered it during the show (see coffee spraying incident).  If you have any better suggestions feel free to mail them in.

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Snug Stats
Music This Show:
Tenpole Tudor - Swords of 1000 men

Harikaraoke: - More Than A Feeling
No. of words written by Maf on project B: 1643
Mafs weighs: 17st 12lbs

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See you then...have a SNUGGLY week.

This show is approx 2 Hour 00 mins

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