15 December 2008

December 18th - Show 216 - Podcast 130

Twas The Snug Before Christmas

In tonights show:

Maf forgets to press record so this podcast is only about 25 mins long and you get a string of expletives right from the start...you have been warned.

I'm so gutted about it that I can't do shownotes....

However you should go over to
Bells in the Batfry and enjoy his fantastic podcast

The best thing for me to say is Have a good Christmas Everyone

The Next live show will be Jan 8th but we have a couple of specials covering the next 2 weeks and they really will be worth a listen.  
You can catch them live on Live365 on Christmas Day and New Years Day starting at 21:00 GMT   or downloadable here on the Fridays after.

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The Question of the Week:
How will 2009 be better?

Stolen From Digg:
How Cool!? Mugs
Video Watch
Night stalking Vigilanpee
Bone fusing prosthetics
It's Snow Fun
Funny Money
Brill Beds
The Ultimate Mac chair
Best Adult Gadgets of 2008
Geek Gadgets -
Inventors killed by their creations
Drawing on drugs
The Birds Barbie
Cool Photo Link One
Cool Photo Link Two
Stuff Blurred from GoogleMaps
A Guide to Creative Recycling.
The Stories Behind Festive Goodies
Tamaras SFD Submission

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Snug Stats
Green Onions This Week: - The Huskey Team
Music This Show: - Stephen Colbert
Harikaraoke: - Drifters Triple Tracker
No. of people signed up with Lee: 3
No. of words written by Maf on new project: 1163
Mafs still weighs: 17st 7lbs

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See you then...have a SNUGGLY week.

This show is approx 25 mins

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