4 September 2008

September 4th - Show 201 - Podcast 116

The One before the Relaunch

Weyhey...its September and we're back.  kind of.
Welcome to the show that's a test for the show next week :P

We get together to try out or new format show...it's only an hour long, done over Skype and doesn't involve a Harikaraoke (hey! stop cheering at the back).

We discuss Maf's new job, Lees new car and Agel (Lees new...um... business) :P

We'd still like you're "what i did on my summer holidays" recordings  but don't forget that ALL contact channels with us have been reopened so feel free to drop us a line, or an mp3, or a Skype voicemail, or a Facebook message, or a myspace message, or a blog comment, or a live365 comment with suggestions for the show.  

This new format will rely more than ever on YOUR input.

Did you enjoy the new format? ...feel free to tell us snugradio@yahoo.co.uk

Please take some time to show us your love by rating us on Live365 and then hopping over to ITunes to write us a review.  We welcome ALL comments

Music This Show
McFadden & Whitehead - Ain't No Stopping Us Now

Please join us for our New Season starting next week (September 11th)

That's NEW SHOWs starting Next Week!

See you then...have a great week.

This show is approx 1 hr 0 mins

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