21 May 2008

May 22nd - Show 200 - Podcast 115

The Last In The Series

It's been a great ride...but like all rides...it comes to an end. That doesn't mean we're going off the air (for long)...it just means we're changing rides :P
This incarnation of the show has met it's match (Maf's moving house) and like any good Doctor Who, I'm hoping for a regeneration in September. But stay tuned throughout the hiatus for special shows and Snuggly goodness.

On that subject, we had this mail from Jeff:

I have to side with Maf and say the shows will continue, they'll be different, but they'll still work and we'll listen!

Live this show we bring you the return of Pirate Dave, Tamaras here, Chris Deans with us and we relive our best bits...be warned, however, there seems to be a little extra emotion in the room

We drag up our Angelina Jolie 'interview', have some gig catering and generally enjoy everything that is quintessentially Snug for two hours.

I appear to be having a problem with leaky eyes so I'll leave by telling you to listen to the show..

Did you enjoy the show? ...feel free to tell us snugradio@yahoo.co.uk

Music This Show
New Radicals - You Get What You Give
Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple

One Week - BNL
Four Minute Warning - Mark Owen

And that, my friend, is it...for now.
Check back here occasionally for 'special stuff'
and we'll be giving you fair warning of our return.

Thank you ALL... we had a blast and hope you did too...
And so, for one last time:

I've been Maf, and I've been Lee.
This has been The Snug. Thank you & good night!

This show is approx 2 hr 0 mins

1 comment:

Fans of Snug said...

It's Thursday and 9pm and you are not on the air!
Damn just like jumping out of the plane THIS is the moment the reality hits me! :(