24 April 2008

April 24th - Show 196 - Podcast 111

The One Back In The Vic

Goddamn it....we spoke too soon.  Redten Internet have let you all down again as they appear to have stopped Mafs internet again for no good reason.  This means we load up the Snug-in-a-box and pay a return visit to The Vic.

Chris Dean (of Naked Calendar fame) joins us live in the pub and we kick off by asking our listeners to send in element films.

We fill you in on the shennanigans of Black Fox and Malcolms spoons that we experienced on Tuesday night along with our trip to Steffs where we meet Toni and Yvonne.

Aled (of Where's Aled fame) & Jane suprise us live and we talk about naked pics & soft toys...the mind really does boggle.  Fluffy arrived late but rattles off many element related films

Maf discusses his Pinball woes and chat to Lee about his sudden interest in Macs & Guitar Hero.  Tamara Skypes the show to give us an update on her upcoming visit.

we kind of descend into Aled bashing for the tail end of the show (he makes it so easy though) and we have a riot....why not download the show now and find out.

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If you've got anything that you'd like to hear in the show...feel free to tell us

Music This Show
Barenaked Ladies - The Sound Of Your Voice
Jigsaw - Sky High
Oasis - Hello
Dragonforce - Through The Fire & Flame

The Fratellis - Whistle For The Choir

See you next time...have a great week and tell your friends

This show is approx 2 hr 0 mins


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