4 December 2007

December 6th - Show 179 - Podcast 94

The One With A Complete Green Onions

For you podcast listeners who always miss it, we do a complete RIAA-Baiting version of Green onions (ooh we'll get letters!!)

In tonights show we find out what happens when Maf falls up stairs, what measuring system Darth Vader uses and the intricacies of Cheese Soup (much to the disgust of some of our cheese hating listeners)

We also hear what happens when Lee calls a problem customer from work...only to find they've moved (quickly and quietly) leaving a trail of bad debt which then lets Maf actually tell the cold caller story he missed from last week (see last entry).

How does Maf spend the run up to Flatliners? (and what is Flatliners?). Find out about the excruciatingly difficult 2007 Flatliners quiz

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While we're on the subject...if you have any Christmas wishes you'd like to leave for the other listeners...why not Mychingo button them too?

Music This Show
The Pogues & Kirsty McCall - Fairytale in New York
The Beatles - Lady Madonna

Tamara Sings
Black - Everything is coming up roses

Another Rock & Roll Christmas

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This show is approx 2 hr 05 mins


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