22 November 2007

November 22nd - Show 177 - Podcast 92

The One With Top 5's

There's lots of talk about photos tonight: Pictures of Me And Lee and Fluffy and another of Inga the Swedish Cow-girl

After much haranguing from Lee (and after listening back to the show) I think it's only fair to put the serial killer picture here...

We suggest in passing that T looks like Michael Jackson on her webcam which offends her (in a comedy way) so she turns off her webcam out of spite

When Cindyb joins us she has mini-Cindyb in tow...Hello youngest live listener tonight, Natalie

We introduce a new slot...The Snug Top Fives. In a spark of uniqueness and originality, we're looking for your top 5s....of anything. we provide some suggestions but head on over to the forum to give us your own...preferably something we can play some audio too

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Music This Show
James Blunt - Give me some love
David Grey - The One I Love

Tamara Sings
Tainted Love - Marilyn Manson

Chasing Cars - Snow Patrol
Shine - Take That

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02 92 12 51 007

See you next time...have a great week and tell your friends

This show is approx 2 hr 00 mins



Fans of Snug said...

Did you HAVE to put that picture up????

Fluffs x

Snug Radio said...

I'm sure everyone agrees it's a worse one of me than you... M xx

Fans of Snug said...

I don't agree!!!