18 October 2007

October 18th - Show 172 - Podcast 87

The One With Beth Ditto

Did you know there's actually such a thing as an Official National Dance. No, really...and apparently for Mexico it's the Hat Dance...which begs the question: What are the national dances for some other nations? We try guessing a few but why not drop us a line and tell us.
While you're at it...there are 5 fictional people who have stars on the Hollywood walk of fame..do you know who they are?

Tonights musical theme is 'songs you know by people you don't' featuring artists we've never heard of on the new BBC Radio 1 Album

Maf fills us in on his trip to the MOSI (Museum of Science & Industry) in Manchester at the weekend to visit a Dr Who Exhibit...if he can CBA he may upload some quick snaps. Head over to the Flickr page to find out.

We get a call from Canada to explain why there was no snugfans blog last week and get sent some pictures of poor Willows Face. While we can't actually show them to you, trust us they're quite gruesome.

Maf posts on the Snug Forum and asks for listener input on how the format of the show should change in May - Feel free to post your suggestions over there

We get introduced to...and then enamoured with, Beth Ditto from Gossip

It wouldn't be The Snug without some discussion of Tv, Films and DVDs and we mention
Cloverfield, Saw4, John Rambo, Blades of Glory, Borat
We also tell you to visit Apple trailers for all your future film advertisment needs

We end with a brief discussion on the merits of the girls from Smallville .

By the way, If you want to know whats happening to your favourite show I suggest TV.com ...if you're in any way interested in TV, you should pay them a visit

Check out the Snugfans blog for the alternate take on tonights show.

Snug Things You Should Do!
Music This Show
The Feeling - You're so Vain
Gossip - Careless Whisper
Girls Aloud - Teenage Dirtbag

Tamara Sings
What If God Smoked Cannabis - Parody


It's late - Ricky Nelson
Hello Mary Lou - Ricky Nelson

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This show is approx
2 hr 00 mins


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