9 August 2007

August 9th - Show 164 - Podcast 79

The One With A Bit Of A Mix

Very little Scope Opera this week so lets have a look at some
Listener Feedback:

Hi Lee & Maf,
I'm just listening to the podcast from last Thursday's show and laughing my head off listening to you two. So, you're interested in my Bermuda Triangle are you...It's very Ayrey....Ha! However, Bermuda is not in the Caribbean....it is situated 600 miles directly east of North Carolina.
Thank you so much for playing Raising Caine!!! It sounded really good apart from the "Mary, Mary, quite contrary part" because it it went very quiet in parts.....but that is my producers fault as its someting to do with the effects. I don't honestly know for sure if the nursery ryhme is public domain...I guess I will have check that out before I get sued.
Here's another song exclusive to Snug and it's called "Man in the Moon" . I hope it's ok to play.
Thank you.
Jackie Ayres


Name: **VNV**

E-Mail: 1@2.com

Comments: I've been listening... You'll be hearing from me.


We discuss Mafs failed bid to be subliminal master of the world (rain forest, rain forest) which was doomed, like most his projects, from an attack of CBAness..(ribbit, ribbit)

Tamara send us a link to a black search engine

Lee sees the Simpson movie and likes it...

We have another bout of failed Skyping...is it us...or do we coincidently pick people who rubbish

There's only one more show before our holidays so get those competition entries in before next week and if you win we'll send you a random CD or 2 from Mafs eclectic collection (and possibly one of Mafs custom made subliminal cds(rain forest, ribbit))

Stolen From Digg
Some Cool Light Photos
The Munsters Car - A Paper Model
Creepy dead baby sculptures
The video game with unique controls

Turn a dvd writer and torch into 'pointer extreme'
Cool film poster photoshop tutorials

Music This Show
Man in the Moon - Jackie Ayres
Time Machine - The Vinyl Kings

Tamara Sings
Captain & Tenille - Love Will Keep Us Together


2 failed attempts at Me and My Shadow then a successful
I Can't Stop Loving You - Ray Charles

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See you next time...have a great week and tell your friends

This show is approx 2 hr 00 mins


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