12 July 2007

July 12th - Show 162 - Podcast 75

The One With New Software

Scopey Opera - things take a nasty turn as we overhear a member of the cast organising a hit on Steve and Liz...eeek stay tuned to see if the hit is carried out

we realise the alter-ego of one of our loyal listeners is The Canadian Ninja...we can't tell you which one though

This is a video of Joey Greco from Cheaters getting stabbed

Snug Trumps - sounds like a good idea to us, so we ask for categories that we can use in our own custom deck - answers to the usual address

Lee amazingly manifests his 'Heroes' super power - Nasal Gas analysis

Stolen from DIGG
Austrian Physicists develop teleportation

Music This Show
Macy - Treat Me Like Your Money

Tamara Sings
Beatles - Hey Jude


Centrefold - J Geils Bands
Sweet Sixteen - Neil Sedaka

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This show is approx
2 hr 04 mins


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

The message was sent to Audrey to warn her. She sent it to Fluffy, who sent it to you because she was looking for help.
It is Liz who was making the threats toward Steve and Audrey.
Hope that clears it up....