19 June 2007

June 21th - Show 159 - Podcast 72

The One With Burkina Faso

We do some stuff and catch up on the Scope Opera (Lee even shows a spark of genius as he secretly works out who's 'helping' the Scope Opera along

We touch briefly on 'disappointment' in it's various forms

We discuss the future which leads us to the Microsoft Surface..HERE'S a link to a video of it. Damn cool if you ask us. Mr. Gates, if you're listening and would like some UK beta testers, just give us a shout.

During the show we get an email from a nice man in Burkina Faso offering us a load of money, so we phone him up live on air and see what the deal is...he's not very talkative though so eventually we call the answer machine of a local insurance brokers to see if any of our listeners can understand what the hell she's saying

www.bigfunparty.co.uk - check out lee at work and his...erm...customers

Listener Feedback
Cindy 'Cupcake' B
I'm afraid I won't be able to listen this week even though I'm back from "holiday". My husband is taking me to an afternoon MLB game at rangers stadium, (thats a major league baseball game, the texas rangers vs. the chicago cubs), at 1pm where i'll be getting burnt in the sun and drunk off cheap beer but, please DO feel free to be funny anyway, in spite of my absence. i would hate for the other listeners to be slighted because of my spontaneous schedule.

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Music This Show
Jex - Scooby Who (Doctor Who Remix 2)
John Shuttleworth - Can't Go Back to Savoury
Anthony Perry - Pale Moonlight (Doctor Who Remix 1)
Tom Leher - I Hold You Hand In Mine

Tamara Sings
Prince - Little Red corvette


Billy Paul - Me & Mrs Jones
Traditional - Seven Drunken Nights
Doolies - Wanted

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CindyB said...

Hi Fellers!

Its me, cupcake, aka cowbags.
Just wanted to let you know i had a AWFUL cupcake. it was stale and horrible. Never ever buy stale cupcakes no matter how much on sale they are. (6 for $1.50)

Your friend,
Cindy B