14 February 2007

February 15th - Show 142 - Podcast 55

The One With Mychingo

We chat about our new mychingo recorder and beg for some listener feedback (as well asw covering the stuff from the mailbag.
We ask "Are we a couple-cast?" It's a distinct possibility...but the strict sense of couple-cast is usually a husband/wife team...so we're a bit unsure

Here's an Anna-Nicole Smith tribute that's kind of a mix of touching and piss-take...we liked it though

Snugopoly - I think we have enough suggestions now so I'll get the board constructed in the next couple of weeks. Thanks to everyone involved!

Music tonight
Fallout Boy - This Ain't A Scene...
The Christians - Ideal World

Tamara Sings
Not Ready To Make Nice - Dixie Chicks


Edwin Collins - Girl Like You

Skype voicemail box so now you have no excuse to not leave us messages.
02 92 12 51 007

The show is approx 1 hr 59 mins


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